Robert Ortbal Studio Visit

The beatniks paid a visit to Sac State’s art department to see what Bob was cooking up for his big show in September.
Robert Ortbal’s show “Musical Chairs” opens on Sept 11th and will be on display at Beatnik through October. The show will consist of several sculptural works as well as large site-specific installations. Robert’s work transforms everyday materials into exquisite and unexpected forms.

Dates to come and see the show:
Friday, Sept 11th – Opening reception 6pm – 10pm
Saturday, Sept 12th – Open Studio Tour 10am – 5pm
Saturday, Sept 12th – Nightcap event 6pm – 10pm
Sunday, Sept 12th – Open Studio Tour Noon – 5pm
Friday, Oct 2nd – Artist Talk 6pm – 9pm

You can also call the studio to make an appointment, or email







Our fearless gallery director Kelly was getting pretty excited about the show.


2 thoughts on “Robert Ortbal Studio Visit

  1. I’d like to use one of the Robert Ortbal photos for an FB post on the Sac State FB site. Is there a credit to accompany them?

    Craig Koscho
    Assistant News Director, Sac State Public Affairs


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