Twopoint4 Dance Theater returns to Beatnik

Here at Beatnik we are always looking for ways to bring awesome, creative and fun experiences to all you folks in the community. As most of you know we typically host two receptions for each art show, an opening and closing on the first Friday of each month. A few months back we were brain storming and looking for ways to bring more energy to the closing reception. How could we add something that would encourage people to get back into the gallery and take a second look at the show? What could we do that would be fun and celebratory for the artists. How could we support other art forms that we typically don’t highlight in the gallery?

Enter Diego and Tony of Twopoint4 Dance theater!



Twopiont4 Dance theater Dancers

Twopoint4 welcomed the idea of a creative collaboration and put together a piece for our last show “The lights are on Nobody’s home” and it was amazing! They are returning this Friday with a performance inspired by this current show “Some kind of Accident” with works by Emily Swinsick, Jeff Mayry and Amanda Cook.


The Dancers of Twopiont4 in rehearsal studio

We caught up with the dancers last week while they were rehearsing.  It was such a treat to get a behind the scenes peak at their creative process.


Experiences like this inspire us. We are constantly reminded of the rich and diverse creative community here in Sacramento.


The Dancers of Twopiont4 hard at work

The Dancers of Twopiont4 in rehearsal studio

Don’t miss an opportunity to view some amazing artwork and see these talented dancers perform this Friday at Beatnik Studios.


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