Akira Beard Studio Visit

Heidi Zimmerman and Akira Beard are working hard on the next show at Beatnik. When I heard Heidi was heading up the hill to do some collaborations with Akira, I had to get up there and see the magic unfold!
Click here for all of the info about this exciting show:
“Revelations from the Inner Landscape”

I brought my daughter Bijou along with me on this studio visit. She took many of the photos in this blog post and she even got to do some painting! Thanks for being so accommodating Akira!

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Studio Visit in Chicago with Morgan Sims

Chicago, through the eyes of Wes Davis.

I have been trying to get Morgan Sims to do a show at Beatnik for many years. Finally, the stars aligned, and I convinced him to fill his van with artwork and make the trek from Chicago to Sacramento. Morgan will be showing work with Oakland artist Seren Moran this fall at Beatnik. “Shapeshifters” opens on First Friday, September 1st and shows until September 21st.

Earlier this summer, I made my way to Chicago to visit Morgan’s studio, and see what the life of an artist in the windy city is all about.
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UC Davis 1st year MFA show returns to Beatnik

Art is a universal language that has the ability to communicate with people in all different walks of life. Working with academic artists is always a good reminder that creative expression has this unique and powerful transcendent quality. There is an immeasurable value to experiencing artwork which can bring deep meaning and new ideas to the human psyche. This is a value worthy of deep thought and community support. After all, our community is only as beautiful as our ideas allow it to be.

The graduate students from the UC Davis Masters of Fine Arts program are getting ready to open “Field Notes” this Friday, May 5th at Beatnik. Come by the opening reception and join dive into the creative exploration of these fantastic explorers.
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The Four Temperaments closing reception

The gallery was filled with movement at the closing reception for “The Four Temperaments.” One of the four, Matthew Tucker, provided an elegant, electric soundscape using his vintage guitars and amps. We were luck to have our friends at CORE Contemporary Dance company visit. The CORE dancers spilled into the space with liquid movements and expressions. It was a uniquely inspiring way to see the two art forms complimenting each other in such a dramatic setting. Many thanks to CORE for always being interested in experimentation. I can’t wait to see their upcoming show, “Rise,” March 26th at the Harris Center in Folsom. Learn more about CORE here.

Many thanks to Melanie Bown, Yelena Martynovskaya, Rodney Rigby and Matthew Tucker for putting together such a unique and inspiring show!
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UC Davis MFA Student Show Closing Reception

Tonight, Friday May 22nd, is the closing reception for “Subject to Change.” Having the UC Davis student’s work up at beatnik has been a wonderful treat. Time is almost up to see this show so make sure you come by and take a look. This is an important and beautiful showcase of the regions rising stars of art. We will be open from 6pm – 9pm tonight and the show comes down next week. Here is a look at what you will see if you come to the show.
group 1

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UC Davis MFA program “Subject to Change”

Beatnik is thrilled to host “Subject to Change,” the UC Davis 1st year MFA show. This show features work from the graduate students at UC Davis as they work toward their masters thesis. The work will be on display at Beatnik Studios from April 1st – May 26

Opening Reception: Friday, May 1st 6pm – 10pm

Closing Reception: Friday, May 22 6pm – 9pm

Contact Kelly O’Connell for more info art@beatnik-studios.com
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