“Revelations from the Inner Landscape”

“Revelations from the Inner Landscape” is a new body of work from artists Akira Beard and Heidi Zimmerman. This colorful and meditative show will open at Beatnik Studios on Friday, June 1st and remain on display until mid July. There will be an artist reception on First Friday, June 1st, and another on First Friday, July 6th, both receptions will be from 6pm – 9pm.

The title of this show speaks volumes about the work these artists are creating. Both Artist work with intensely rich and saturated palates to create thought provoking abstract landscapes. Akira often speaks about a practice in Zen Buddhism called ‘hitsuzendo’ in which the practitioner draws a circle in one swift motion with a brush and ink. The resulting circle becomes a reflection of the creator’s state of mind. Akira has found strength in working from a zen state of mind, and letting color and movement reflect his inner self. Heidi also detaches herself from the practical world and uses movement to bring colorful dreams to life. Heidi’s work dives deep into exploration of an abstract world full of visions of glistening rainbows, silky waterfalls, jeweled cliffs and otherworldly sunsets. These two artist will bring a powerful, colorful and deeply inspiring collection to Beatnik in June. The show will feature large and small work, along with collaborations and giant pieces.

Download Press Ready Files of Heidi and Akira’s work here

Heidi Zimmerman
Heidi is a self taught artist who was raised in a family of self taught artists. Her medium is alcohol ink, that she uses to create bold, colorful, abstract, images full of motion. As a young girl, Heidi would watch her mother in awe as she painted massive and intricate murals on the inside of the family restaurant. Then as a young women, Heidi decided to take advantage of an opportunity to become a model, affording her the chance to live in Europe and travel extensively throughout the world. She found influence in architecture, art and fashion. She was moved by the architecture of Goudi in Spain, and inspired by the stained glass of of Sainte Chappelle in France. She found inspiration in the fashion houses in Paris from Yves Saint Laurent to Christian Dior and in the photography of Helmet Newton, Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel.
Today, Heidi finds a creative outlet through her work as a makeup artist and through her passion for painting. Recently, Heidi has sold numerous paintings, and found a supportive following through a local makeup studio and artist guild. Her paintings have won best of show and first place ribbons in a juried art show. Everywhere she has shown work, people have been moved by her wonderful paintings.

Akira Beard
Akira Beard is an artist originating from California. Having graduated with a BA in Fine Art from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, as well as attending The University of California Berkeley he would spend 15 years based in the Bay Area developing his artistic practice. He has exhibited nationally and internationally showing with various galleries and other venues such as Miami Art Basel and the Academy of Science in SF. He has also participated in several charity events with donating art, working with organizations such as the SPCA and the Homeless Coalition SF. At AAUSF he taught in the fine art and fashion departments. For over six years he worked simultaneously as an instructor in the non-profit sector in a program called Art With Elders. Akira left the Bay Area with pursuing a fuller development of his artwork which is rooted in exploring and expressing the human condition. For 4 years he lived as a vagabond, creating art consistently along this journey of development. This included living in France, Peru, Mexico, NY, and various other U.S. cities. Currently he lives and works in Grass Valley, CA.

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