ABSORBED: Summer Edition

The quarterly event called Absorbed is our way to share the artistic energy which has been thoroughly soaked into the bones of our space. Each season we spend 3 months passionately curating artwork which exemplifies the energy of the spring, summer, winter or fall.

Absorbed features creative food, drink, live music, dancing, floral arts and installation works

Beatnik Studios has launch our Absorbed reception, which is the culminating event of our summer art show “Desert Songs.”

Friday, August 2nd, 7pm-10pm

Along with the amazing art by Felicia Gabaldon, Erica Avila, and Joshua Tremain, “Absorbed” will feature amazing food, drinks and performances.

Food: Chef Nicolai Lipscomb

Drinks: Booch Craft, The Jungle Bird

Dance: Capital Dance Project

Music: Jon Bafus, Ross Hammond, John Raskin, Vox Musica



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