May 3rd Reception Featuring Taylor Anne Co.

@easttphotoI first met Taylor Camarena of Taylor Anne Co. Florals working on a photo shoot at Beatnik over the summer, and knew that I wanted to have her back at Beatnik again in the future.

Taylor will be a part of our May 3rd Reception, which is the culmination of our show “Florescence: a state or period of Flourishing.” Talking more with Taylor, this show’s theme is perfect for her because she too is entering into a season of blooming and flourishing. Taylor started doing floral design out of a season of hardship and healing. Her desire was to get away from a job that was unfulfilling and do something that inspired her.

Taylor believes that every human is created to create, and this call to creativity has allowed her to make pieces that are intentional and serve as a personal representation of herself. Taylor’s work in floral design has a deep authenticity about it, and the love that she has for her work is evident in everything that she creates.

When asked what her favorite flower is, Taylor responded with,“the calla lily,” which signifies rebirth; a great image to carry forward as we transition into the sunny days of summer.

Taylor will be creating floral arrangements that harmonize with the art of “Florescence” and will be on sale for purchase on the night of the reception.



Instagram: @tayloranneco


Event Link: “Absorbed” May 3rd


Blog post by Helena Zittel

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