Dance of Enlightenment

Here are some beautiful photos from our April 5th opening “Dance of Enlightenment” by Zahra Ammar and Sunya Whitelight.

These two artists are a powerhouse team that were an absolute delight to work with.

The following prose written by the artists encapsulates their vision for their installation:

We gravitate towards light. Whether to seek comfort, to seek meaning, or to lose ourselves into something more than us.

This visual choreography of light and shadow is a representation of the fleeting dance we waltz. 

Sometimes out of tune. 

Sometimes tumbling down. 

Sometimes getting a step right. 

Our aim is to look into the depth of shadows to engage with the wisdom that light holds within. 

The darkness is essential. 

It holds the key to balance, structure and harmony. Without one, the other can not exist.

Our aim with this installation is to ignite wonder. We hope that stepping into this space, we inspire possibilities.

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