Human Voices: The Female Voice

In Solitude, 2017 (Franceska Gamez) 10 x 11.5 x 4 mixed media

Beatnik Studios Celebrates the Female Voice

This summer, Beatnik Studios celebrates five female artists. Barbetta Lockart, Susan Tonkin Riegel, Franceska Gamez, Alicia Palenyy and Apollonia Cervantes bring a range of experience and artistic disciplines, yet each has chosen to communicate her response to the human condition through visual interpretation.
Barbetta Lockart is a contemporary artist from Sacramento whose 2D and 3D work often include fiber of some type. Thematically, her work addresses social and political issues although not exclusively. Her work is informed by her surroundings, travels, current events, personal interests and day-to-day reality.
Susan Tonkin Riegel loves the language and mystery of symbols, archetypes, numbers, letters, fragmented words and simple marks.  Her work is greatly influenced by children’s art, outsider art, her dream life and the experience of living in diverse locations worldwide.
Franceska Gamez and Alicia Palenyy are both emerging artists based in Sacramento. Born in Manila and raised in the Bay Area, Gamez makes beautiful mixed media sculptures and murals. Ukranian-born Palenyy is an aspiring architect with a background in graphic design and her delicate pen and ink drawings on wood reflect this. Both are contributing artists at M5ARTS, an organization committed to envisioning and creating culturally significant multi-faceted and multidimensional art experiences.
At four years old, Apollonia Cervantes is the youngest of our female voices. Her vivid acrylic paintings express light and wonder. In her words, “I love to paint because I am an artist.” 
Human Voices: The Female Voice continues through July 20, 2017 with a second artist reception on Friday, July 7, from 6 – 9 pm. Beatnik Studios is located at 723 S Street in Sacramento’s historic industrial district. The gallery is open 11:30 to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Thursday and by appointment. (916) 400-4281.

Artist Franceska Gamez in her studio (above) and with her unfinished mixed media piece “Divine Carelessness” (below.)

The impish Alicia Palenyy in her studio . One of her delicate pen and ink drawings appears below.

Untitled 2, 2017 (Alicia Palenyy) 12 x 12, Ballpoint and felt tip archival ink on wood

Simple Threads, 2006 (Barbetta Lockart) 34 x 37 Fiber: Yarn, thread, beads, silk

Barbetta Lockart in her studio surrounded by her gorgeous textile art.

Pick Six, 2013 (Susan Tonkin Riegel) 15 x 18 in Encaustic (above).  The artist in her Gothenburg, Sweden studio.

Cake Sprinkles, 2015 (Apollonia Cervantes) 16 x 20 in Acrylic

Four year old Apollonia working on a new acrylic painting in her studio.

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