Jill Estroff Studio Visit

We caught up with “Six from City” artist Jill Estroff recently at her light-filled studio and here’s what she had to say about her work:

“Photographs often inform my paintings—but they’re just a starting point. I work to capture the essence of things or the feeling of a place, rather than an accurate rendering. Using a vivid palette, I try to reflect the light and color we experience in Northern California.

While working at the Crocker Art Museum in the 1990’s, I enrolled in drawing, painting and art history classes at Sacramento City College taught by Chris Daubert and Fred Dalkey. More recently, I was inspired anew while working at Alex Bult Gallery and returned to painting by taking classes with artists Leslie Toms and Abigail VanCannon.

I find endless images to explore, often looking skyward and to the road. Each day I am inspired by both the ordinary and the exquisite.”

“Six from City” continues through Friday, April 22nd.











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