Six from City

We decided to swing by Sac City College and pay a visit to the “Six from City” crew as they prepare for their opening at Beatnik.

Beatnik Studios salutes spring with “Six from City.” The exhibition brings together paintings by six members of a long-standing critique group established by Chris Daubert at Sacramento City College. The artists featured above include Jill Estroff, Ed Forrest, Christine Nicholson, Laura Carpenter, Chris Markel and Stephanie Fry Rallanka. Varying widely in style from expressionist landscape to geometric abstraction, these paintings are unified by expressive intensity and a concentration on surface and gesture. This group of painters, while working independently in their studios, achieved a new-found maturity as a collective, and that shared experience can be seen and felt in this exhibition.

“Six from City” Will be on display from March 22nd – April 22nd with an opening reception on First Friday, April 1st from 6 – 9pm


Christine Nicholson
Christine Nicholson (above) and Chris Markel (below)

Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter (above) group photo with their fearless leader Chris Daubert (below)

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