Kelsey Anderson Studio Visit

Start 2016 with a healthy dose of contemporary art. Kelsey Anderson and Brad Starkey-Owens have put together an outstanding collaboration to ring in the new year.

HFNY opens January 1st with a First Friday reception from 6 – 9pm. You can find more info about the reception here.

We dropped in on Kelsey at her home studio to see what she has been working on for the the show. She showed off some of her amazing work and shared some of her thoughts.



“For me Happy Fucking New Year has been a long time coming. It is a body of work I have produced this past year, specifically for this show. New Year is a strange holiday, yet it can foster so many different emotions in an individual. Hope. Anxiety. Joy. And an all-around anticipation that the New Year brings with it a new, fresh start.”





“These works, in many ways embody the emotions that have weighed heavy on me through this past year of going through so many new beginnings. The black abstracted images have been manifested from much of the emotions born out of anxiety and anticipation of events and situations that have yet to come into fruition. From painting on the plexiglass, to transferring the paint to paper via the plexiglass, so many factors can alter the outcome. The monotype process is so special to me for that reason. Printing with plexiglass, I have found it to be a process that has allowed me lay the groundwork to engage in the dialogue of Happy Fucking New Year in a very honest way. Honest, to mean, it is a process that mirrors much of my own life and raw emotion so truthfully.” –Kelsey Anderson

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