Emily Swinsick Returns to Beatnik This July

Artist Emily Swinsick in her Studio

Artist Emily Swinsick in her Studio

We are so happy to have this talented artist back to the gallery. Some of you may have seen Emily Swinsick’s work with us in January of 2014. If you havn’t had a chance to get up close to one of her textured masterpieces don’t miss “Some Kind of Accident” a group show with new works from her Jeff Mayry and Amanda Cook.  The Opening for the show will be at Beatnik on July 10th from 6-9pm.  Check our event page for more info

Detail on Emily Swinsick Painting

Detail on Emily Swinsick Painting

This current body of work is defined by materials and the process of making. My goal is to manipulate the media as far is it will allow me to push it. I build up pattern and texture using found and re-purposed items. I work strongly with duality in the physical sense as well as the contextual. The softness of lace patterns is matched with the cold, rough edges of hand-cut metal. Vintage scarves serve as a preliminary pattern while construction caulking is used for print making. I strive to break down the lines between hand-made and manufactured seamlessly using materials that aren’t always recognized in “fine art”.

–  Emily Swinsick


We were lucky enough to get a chance to catch up with Emily and check out her home studio. We wanted to share some sneak peaks with you.

Detail of Emily Swinsick Painting

Detail of Emily Swinsick Paintinin 


We  got to hang out with her super cute Furry friends and Studio Mates!


I was also thrilled to see her large installion “Mary Shelly” had found a proper home.


Mark your Calenders For July 10th : )  Visit Emily’s website to see more work

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